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The Test Of Time

timeIn life, there are many moments that pass, which might seem to be your happiest, many people you meet, who might seem to be the most important, many tinges in your heart, which might seem to be love. . .

But how is it that one can make out if these are the results of a bored, ideal mind or not?


Time is the sole answer which helps you see through such illusions life throws at you.

If anything, anyone withstands the bitch in life called time, have no doubt, for it has withstood the biggest test.

Even as time passes,
If you feel happy at the thought of a hap
py memory,
Forget it not, for it is your happiest.

Even as time passes,
If he is the first on your priority list,
Doubt not, for he is the most important.

Even as time passes,
If you still feel magical,
Worry not, for it is love.

And love of the purest kind. . .

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