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All that love can do…

“LOVE is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other everyday…”    -NICHOLAS SPARKS


It is believed that advices can change people. Its oft forgotten that there’s something more powerful than that, the power of love, and that of the most divinest kind, can change you from whoever you are, to whatever you want be…

It amazes me when I think,

What your love has done to me,

To know that I think deeper now,

In everything I see…

Your love made me listen,

To the voice of the silent air,

It showed me the beauty in every creature,

How to smile with innocence, to look with care..

Your touch can heal the deepest cuts,

Your smile can bring the spring back on,

Your breath can get me back alive,

‘Cause your love is the secret of my every dawn…

Every sunrise brings your name along,

Wakes me up to your thoughts, your love,

Every day with you is a lifetime’s worth,

And every night that passes, I dream on of your love…

Love has made your thoughts, my memory,

Your wishes, my command,

It has made your desires, my destiny,

And your name, my chant…..


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Admiration passes, Love endures..

Heathcote National Park

Heathcote National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure all of us at some stage of life has been unsuccessful in understanding oneself.

Haven’t you asked yourself, what exactly your feelings are??

Well, here goes a poem of a girl who defines love her own way..


I wait for you to cross the stream,
And come to me but its just a dream,
’cause I know you wait for me just the same,
Day and night to see if I came..

They say,”Wait not!,
Go on and on.”
But if I shall not but wait till dawn,
And call you with my mind and say,
I dont want you to be gone..

For I believe, the next sunrise shall see,
Us together in the middle of the stream.
Both hearts elate, for such is our fate,
And we shall flow and flow..
And flow and flow in the STREAM OF LOVE….


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