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A game played by my mind…


All it takes for you to forget your troubles is to have trust in yourself and God and to let your feelings out, however it may be.
One of the most common and most effective way is to keep a diary. A lot of things hidden in you, which may have gone unnoticed even to you, will then be discovered! Here is one of my dairy entry, which turned out in a way I never intended it to be!  

28TH August 2011

Dear Dairy,

What need have I to depress myself?
What right have I to trouble thy mind?
What reason have I to explain myself?
When I blinded myself to the inner peace I could find?

Thy voice brings out that peace in me,
For I go blind in the absence of thee,
I realize fire lights up in me,.
I realize its without the benediction of thee.

Words never seem enough to show,
The river of peace in me that flows,
When, as I wished, thy soul meets mine,
And eternally and forever we shine!

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