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It is this, that every person yearns for, Acceptance. To be accepted without a mask, without pretense. Our confusing, mind numbing journey revolves around finding acceptance either from another human or from society as a whole. 



Thrust Into The Void


Illusioned by company,
She was impressed too soon,
Lured by the mystical strangeness,
She deserted placid loneliness.



The journey lasted
Long enough to matter,
And then, with a bend,
The road came to an end.



She was then thrust.
Thrust into the void.
Wreathed by nothingness,
A non-binding emptiness.



A lonely walk,
Than a walk alone,
She dallied on, farther and farther,
With a fear like no other.



Hollow screams.
Tearless cries.
Voiceless protests.
Aberration at its crest.



She paced on,
Till her legs could take her.
She was now crippled,
Her sobs turned to sniffles.



She searched for answers,
That lacked existence.
Her questions were born,
To remain ignorant.



More futile brooding.
Baseless blather.
Insanity of a mind, confused, hurt.



Such is the search,
For the ultimate salvation,
Of an embracing, whole consuming,
An all encompassing acceptance.



It has no escape,
It is a loop.
If she did make it out,
She would be back too soon.






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