The Test Of Time

timeIn life, there are many moments that pass, which might seem to be your happiest, many people you meet, who might seem to be the most important, many tinges in your heart, which might seem to be love. . .

But how is it that one can make out if these are the results of a bored, ideal mind or not?


Time is the sole answer which helps you see through such illusions life throws at you.

If anything, anyone withstands the bitch in life called time, have no doubt, for it has withstood the biggest test.

Even as time passes,
If you feel happy at the thought of a hap
py memory,
Forget it not, for it is your happiest.

Even as time passes,
If he is the first on your priority list,
Doubt not, for he is the most important.

Even as time passes,
If you still feel magical,
Worry not, for it is love.

And love of the purest kind. . .

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A Diary note…

13th April ’13

Today is 13th April ’13. Yet I write on the previous page owing to the great desire to note down certain sudden turn of events, yesterday, a desire that remained unfulfilled till today.

If I were but anyone else, I’d have phrases of dismay. I’d probably have said that I hate the world, the people in it, that i don’t understand life, relations, etc., to an extent as to compromise with my strong stand that LOVE is the greatest essence of life.

But it happens otherwise. Due to God’s will or my peculiarity/difference in character, I cannot say. Having to taste the bitter side of life, is inevitable. Life is not always fair like the moon which just shows us one side, throughout. A change of mind, behaviour, a sudden event-baseless, without any explanation, reason, is what often sets down the mood of people. Thus leading to the aforementioned thoughts. Many do try to combat, a futile effort.

Situations are same for me too. The pain requires no mention. However, I can only see it as the shallowness of the minds of people, leading to unnecessary mental disturbances. Having an empathetic mind, I cannot see any other option but to forgive. “Ignorance!”, I often fume with rage. Anger arising from the ‘depth’ of  their shallowness, not actions.  How hard is it to dawn upon a simple realization that the key of a happy life is- Simplicity? Life is simple. It is the games played by the mind that makes life complex.

Then why am I, a person who claims to understand the very root of problems, writing this, you ask? It is for yet another simple logic, that TIME and time alone heals. I am strong enough to face the complexities arising due to people’s  shallow mindedness, but I also do realize that, if I, a patient, am aware of my own disease, I should also be ready to take the medicine. I do firmly believe that I have clearly understood the reason and remedy for a troubled mind. Distractions(eg. TV, music, etc.), your mind might want to argue. But no. These just form a temporary refuge , leading you to nowhere. Whereas, time lets you deal with the problem, a slow yet effective medicine like the Ayurveda, unlike unhealthydistractions which may have immediate effect, but on the long run, unreliable.

Emotional attachments are human. Hence, it may not be possible to rule out reasons that lead to an upset mind. Ways can only be thought of to cure, not prevent.

Words come easily as my pen moves, but my actions henceforth, have to come with the combined and constant effort of the body, mind and heart alike. I am not perfect, I do alter from my track at times. After all, ‘ To err is human..’. But I do make sure that no etty botherations change my views, personality or character. I cannot teach the whole world to change its way of thinking, that would still lead to a troubled mind, if I ever wished so.

Going ahead in life, making it as simple as possible, enjoying the moments that have to be enjoyed, getting with the unexpectable that I cannot change, I move ahead in this battle field of mortals. With yet another lesson learnt, I’m signing off for now.




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To let out…

Are you among those who have open ears and closed mouths? The ones who are considered the strongest by the world? The ones who are  “meant” to listen rather than speak?

If yes, read on. . .

Its good to open up sometimes. Everyone knows that. But who in this tiny world of pretensions can one entrust upon?

Emotional health is the most important and also the hardest to keep. Especially for the “strong” ones who are there for others out there, listening and solving problems, and yet forget to reveal his/her own. Or rather wish not to do so. What you give is not always what you get. This is well known by them and hence they remain to stay as a mine of problems which harden at the bottom with overload. And so, most of the “strong” people, eventually turn to writing, a way of relief, even if just pen and paper, with the voice being let out, the soul finds peace.

After all, in this world of about 7000 million people, how many of you claim to have a relation  of whichever kind, which is two-sided? Where you take the role of listening as well as speaking out? Only then, my friends, does any relation have true meaning.

And those of you who claim to be on the lucky side, beware. Do not fall in the trap of worldly ways. Where relationships are used just to share the happy, cheerful part of your story. It will only make you expect more and hence be disappointed.

Yes, it is good to open up sometimes.
To the “strong” ones– Wait till you find that someone from among the 7000 million who will be ready to take down that mine from your heart. For, you are the ones who need more care than the rest.  And those who care for others, will eventually be kissed by God’s benediction!

And as for those who do not fall in the aforesaid type, I’m sure you would have heard yourself say, “He’s very strong!”. But then, is he really???

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Words Unsaid

The first time you see someone you never know how important they may become in your life. You never know how and when you find those special people in the path of life who then become really close to your heart for no real material cause.

A few days after my house shift, once I had set up our house, as a free bird I flew about enjoying my days. My eyes suddenly caught up with a neighbour’s. A happy, innocent face of an old lady welcomed me to my new neighbourhood. She was quite old but her mannerisms were perfect. Her eyes spoke words of love. There was something special about her that made me feel affectionate towards her. She was there standing next to a tulsi plant in front of the closed door of her house.

She silently motioned me to come to her and as I did so, she enquired about my family and also my little sister. I realized she had a hearing problem and so most of my answers were in the form of actions.  The next morning too I found her out of her house when I was off to school. She waved a goodbye and gave a smile that clearly showed motherly love. From then on it was a daily routine to start the day with the old lady’s smile. In the evening too I made sure I met her. She used to always wait for me and my sister until my exams interfered and I couldn’t come out for a few days. But finally when I could make it, I saw her, as usual at the step but with a worried look.  On enquiring I came to know my absence had troubled her. I assured her I’d meet her every day from then. Slowly a special bond was created between us and I started loving her more than anyone could imagine loving a neighbour. This I realized once when she fell sick and I saw her being taken to the hospital. That scene is still fresh in my memory. I cannot explain the tears that suddenly flowed from my eyes, the heaviness I felt in my heart till I saw her again or the excitement when I met her after her long awaited return.

Love takes up many incarnations, each time defining itself in a different way. I realized it doesn’t matter for how long you know a person, the age difference or the language to love someone. All that matters is how well the hearts understand each other.


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