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Through Portals…

The various stages of life is like travelling through portals, each of which opens a different world before you. Going from door to door, one collects the pearls of wisdom and treasuring each experience, moves on to the next..



Old and ashen,
A lump on the sofa side,

My eyes close to that travel,
Through portals of my life.

The first, an intricate artwork,
Every detail refined,

I walk in, a portrait of innocence,
Amazed at the pretty pictures I find.

Thirteen years hence,
Lured by dazzling colours,
I stand at the doorway,
That leads to the hall of mirrors.

Each time I walk,
I bump, I fall,
And yet, knowing I’m right,
I walked through the hall.

So full of confusion,
So full of me,
Yet my head stayed high,
For all I see is me.

The portal up front,
The most beautiful sight yet,
Pulled me to its mystic,
Its magical world ahead.

Once in, I met,
Love and passion set on fire,
And their heady pals,
Lust and desire.

Friends for years,
Memories for life,
Sweet and bitter scars,
Marked with a sharp knife.

Spent and sated,
Now a woman wise to bits,
I walked with steady steps,
To the door marked “Feminists”.

After years of big words,
It was time to sit down.
So I headed to a special door,
Inside, I put down my crown.

With a silent song behind,
And a life of purpose to live,
Found a man who assured me,
All the love he could give.

Many have come and gone,
With rays of joy and drizzles of pain,
‘Twas my little one’s turn now,
Through him, I saw the portals again.

Hence, in and out, through portals, I go,
A requiem for nuance,
Still at the sofa side,
I slowly woke up from the trance..

-Reshma. R

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