Have you ever had some incident in the past which you must have struggled to forget, yet it came back to you at some point in your life, hurting you as much as it did before?
This is a poem about someone like that. Someone who hallucinated about a time in her childhood that she wished to remember but also forget. 


A gush. A swish.

A knock at my windowpane.
Silence at whose arms I slept, was first,
Then my sleep, was driven away by the rain.

I awoke to the blistering thunders,
I awoke to the pouring rain,
In spite of it all, a desire,
I awoke, but I felt only pain.

Thoughts of a childhood summertime,
Like the lightening flash came first.
Haunting aches of those summer rains,
Like the thunder bolt came next.

Streets and roofs and tanks and pots,
With the tears of the skies did fill.
It drew me into a whirling spin,
Forcefully, against my will.

The oblivion ebbed, the rain still poured,
A scenery lay ahead,
Of a hundred things I loved back then,
A place I’d once reveled. 

Hills of pain stood achingly high.
The seabed brimmed with tears.
I stood ashore, to recall a smile,
But it was all I saw, just fears.

My eyes, they wander on,
But they know not what they seek.
Amongst the unfamiliar familiarity,
Over to the most magnificent turn yet, I peek.

My piquancy, it rises.
Twas the naked picturesque beauty,
Of a single green spot of an old connection,
Amidst the strange and howling sea.

Of all the other million things,
I hear, I touch, I see,
Twas this alone that made it past,
A past of haunting memories.

A smell that touched and touches still,
As I stand on the greens spot’s shore,
A million thoughts, like a reel it runs,
As I close my eyes to Petrichor.

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4 thoughts on “Petrichor

  1. Brilliant man. :’)
    I lou. :’3
    Free time lets you write? :’D

  2. Wow that’s beautiful! You are really becoming pro! I loved the first, fifth to last stanzas. The metaphors were appropriate and cool and not cliches like most of blogger poets I’ve read. You’re good! Write ON!

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