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Do You See Me Fly?

DoYouSeeMeFlyI have wings.

None in the crowd around me now, can see it.
They don’t see it.
YOU could if you tried..

Look at me spread my wings,
With an alluring grace,
Open them up as far as they can stretch.
Go straight ahead, 
And towards the horizon, that you see,
And beyond. . .

To that one destination I have been flying to,
All my life. . .

What remains,  is a few hundred miles…
Before I reach my kingdom,
Before I rule. . .

I’m on my way now,
Drinking the tears of the skies,
Reflecting the smile of the sun,
Looking down upon the mighty mountains, and,
Drifting along with the clouds,
That share,
The symphony of hope. . .

I’m on my way now,
Another fogged morning you see,
But, a new dawn to me. . .

A journey to where I belong, 
A companion , if you wish,
A word lost, if you don’t,
I could take you along and fly,
Yes I could give you wings, but you should fly.

The crowd around me, they look on, but they can’t see my wings,
They don’t see my wings,
YOU could if you tried.

Do you see me fly?

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