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A Diary note…

13th April ’13

Today is 13th April ’13. Yet I write on the previous page owing to the great desire to note down certain sudden turn of events, yesterday, a desire that remained unfulfilled till today.

If I were but anyone else, I’d have phrases of dismay. I’d probably have said that I hate the world, the people in it, that i don’t understand life, relations, etc., to an extent as to compromise with my strong stand that LOVE is the greatest essence of life.

But it happens otherwise. Due to God’s will or my peculiarity/difference in character, I cannot say. Having to taste the bitter side of life, is inevitable. Life is not always fair like the moon which just shows us one side, throughout. A change of mind, behaviour, a sudden event-baseless, without any explanation, reason, is what often sets down the mood of people. Thus leading to the aforementioned thoughts. Many do try to combat, a futile effort.

Situations are same for me too. The pain requires no mention. However, I can only see it as the shallowness of the minds of people, leading to unnecessary mental disturbances. Having an empathetic mind, I cannot see any other option but to forgive. “Ignorance!”, I often fume with rage. Anger arising from the ‘depth’ of  their shallowness, not actions.  How hard is it to dawn upon a simple realization that the key of a happy life is- Simplicity? Life is simple. It is the games played by the mind that makes life complex.

Then why am I, a person who claims to understand the very root of problems, writing this, you ask? It is for yet another simple logic, that TIME and time alone heals. I am strong enough to face the complexities arising due to people’s  shallow mindedness, but I also do realize that, if I, a patient, am aware of my own disease, I should also be ready to take the medicine. I do firmly believe that I have clearly understood the reason and remedy for a troubled mind. Distractions(eg. TV, music, etc.), your mind might want to argue. But no. These just form a temporary refuge , leading you to nowhere. Whereas, time lets you deal with the problem, a slow yet effective medicine like the Ayurveda, unlike unhealthydistractions which may have immediate effect, but on the long run, unreliable.

Emotional attachments are human. Hence, it may not be possible to rule out reasons that lead to an upset mind. Ways can only be thought of to cure, not prevent.

Words come easily as my pen moves, but my actions henceforth, have to come with the combined and constant effort of the body, mind and heart alike. I am not perfect, I do alter from my track at times. After all, ‘ To err is human..’. But I do make sure that no etty botherations change my views, personality or character. I cannot teach the whole world to change its way of thinking, that would still lead to a troubled mind, if I ever wished so.

Going ahead in life, making it as simple as possible, enjoying the moments that have to be enjoyed, getting with the unexpectable that I cannot change, I move ahead in this battle field of mortals. With yet another lesson learnt, I’m signing off for now.




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