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A game played by my mind…


All it takes for you to forget your troubles is to have trust in yourself and God and to let your feelings out, however it may be.
One of the most common and most effective way is to keep a diary. A lot of things hidden in you, which may have gone unnoticed even to you, will then be discovered! Here is one of my dairy entry, which turned out in a way I never intended it to be!  

28TH August 2011

Dear Dairy,

What need have I to depress myself?
What right have I to trouble thy mind?
What reason have I to explain myself?
When I blinded myself to the inner peace I could find?

Thy voice brings out that peace in me,
For I go blind in the absence of thee,
I realize fire lights up in me,.
I realize its without the benediction of thee.

Words never seem enough to show,
The river of peace in me that flows,
When, as I wished, thy soul meets mine,
And eternally and forever we shine!

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All that love can do…

“LOVE is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other everyday…”    -NICHOLAS SPARKS


It is believed that advices can change people. Its oft forgotten that there’s something more powerful than that, the power of love, and that of the most divinest kind, can change you from whoever you are, to whatever you want be…

It amazes me when I think,

What your love has done to me,

To know that I think deeper now,

In everything I see…

Your love made me listen,

To the voice of the silent air,

It showed me the beauty in every creature,

How to smile with innocence, to look with care..

Your touch can heal the deepest cuts,

Your smile can bring the spring back on,

Your breath can get me back alive,

‘Cause your love is the secret of my every dawn…

Every sunrise brings your name along,

Wakes me up to your thoughts, your love,

Every day with you is a lifetime’s worth,

And every night that passes, I dream on of your love…

Love has made your thoughts, my memory,

Your wishes, my command,

It has made your desires, my destiny,

And your name, my chant…..


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On my last day…

One my last day, when i am to bid farewell to the world, I WANT TO BE…..
I want to be the one, who has done, not what the world feels right,
                                                                     but what my HEART felt right..
I want to be the one, who danced to my HEART’S CONTENT,
I want to be the one, not who sings the most beautiful song,
                                                                      but who sings the song most beautifully..
I want to be the one, who has done the best in her duty as a daughter..
I want to be the one, whom my parents will point at some day and say, “That’s our girl!”
I want to be the one who first witnesses my sister’s success,
                                                                     and also be the reason behind it…
I want to be the one, who has given the most happiness to my parents,
                                                                    make them feel that they raised me for good…
I want to be the one, who hasn’t regretted any step taken in life,
I want to be the one, who hasn’t missed any opportunity..
I want to be the one, who has wiped the tears, of the ones I love,  
      the ones who love me, and all other fellow beings.
I want to be the one, who has understood life the most,
I want to be the one to smile at every step i take,
                                                                 and also bring smiles on other’s faces..
I want to be the one, who many can depend on,
                                                                 so I can solve what they couldn’t,
I want to be the one, who shows others the joy they were blinded against.
I want to be the one who has enjoyed life the most,
I want to be the one, clearing the evil from people’s hearts,
I want to be the one, realizing the ever so overwhelming power of love the most!
I want to be the one,who makes work, part of life, not burden.
I want to be the one, to fall in love with the guy,
                                                                 who i feel complete with,
I want to be the one, who makes his life special,
                                                              as much as he does mine!
I want to be the one, to say that marriage is the best thing I’ve done in life.
I want to be the one, to speak through music,
                                                            to let my soul speak through dance,
I want to be the one, to have expressed the most through words!
I want to be the one who has made God smile everyday,
I want to be the one closest to God’s heart!
I want to be the one, not who has traveled the most,
                                                           but one who has rejoiced every moment of my travels!
I want to be the one, not with the most number of friends,
                                                           but with friends who most would want,
I want to be the one, not who sketches the most heart touching pictures,
                                                          but whose sketches do touch hearts…
I want to be the one, to once, in the least, step foot to fame,
I want to be the one, to reduce God’s work of listening to prayers,
I want to be the one, to give wings to love,
I want to be the one, God feels proud on making!
I want to be the one, making life easier for all!
I want to be the one, who enjoys the purest beauty- the beauty of nature,
I want to be the one, with a smile that removes pain,
                                       a hand that heals,
                                      a mind that forgives,
I want to be the one, with the strongest heart.
Yes, I want to be the one, the one and only one,
                                    I want to be ME…
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Life of one, is life of many..

The world today is accustomed to living for their own needs.  People fail to realize that life is much more than just money and materialistic comforts. It must have not struck many that values and and morals form the firm foundation on which a happy ‘perfect’ life stands. And these life values do not come with the narrow mind set of “ME” but with a wide view of “US”..
Here’s a poem penned down from my random thoughts, trying to convey my concept of  how a person can uphold his/her smile..
A time when smiles surrounded her,
Her own, strengthened by all…
Without a sou, now when she stood,
They all and all…
Like the pretty flowers of spring,
That wither out in the summer rain,
Leaving but the flowerless stalk,
To drench alone in pain…
Sotto voce, she said,
“Where are they? Where are they all??
For in times when smiles surrounded me,
My own was strengthened by them all!”
Life of one, is life of many,
A part of each combined.
“In a solitary, friendless me”, quoth she,
“No more of life I find.”
Brighter the sun, greener the grass,
Lively each grain of sand,
All goes black when you travel alone,
But not when hand in hand..
Sotto voce, she said,
“Where are they? Where are they all??”
“For in times when smiles surrounded me,
My own was strengthened by them all!”
She awaits those of no return,
Perceiving this truth too late,
She moved on as a lifeless soul,
Leaving her story in the hands of fate..
She now awaits to forever fall asleep,
And dreams to shuffle off this mortal coil,
And be among those who never leave,
And rest far, far under the soil…
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To let out…

Are you among those who have open ears and closed mouths? The ones who are considered the strongest by the world? The ones who are  “meant” to listen rather than speak?

If yes, read on. . .

Its good to open up sometimes. Everyone knows that. But who in this tiny world of pretensions can one entrust upon?

Emotional health is the most important and also the hardest to keep. Especially for the “strong” ones who are there for others out there, listening and solving problems, and yet forget to reveal his/her own. Or rather wish not to do so. What you give is not always what you get. This is well known by them and hence they remain to stay as a mine of problems which harden at the bottom with overload. And so, most of the “strong” people, eventually turn to writing, a way of relief, even if just pen and paper, with the voice being let out, the soul finds peace.

After all, in this world of about 7000 million people, how many of you claim to have a relation  of whichever kind, which is two-sided? Where you take the role of listening as well as speaking out? Only then, my friends, does any relation have true meaning.

And those of you who claim to be on the lucky side, beware. Do not fall in the trap of worldly ways. Where relationships are used just to share the happy, cheerful part of your story. It will only make you expect more and hence be disappointed.

Yes, it is good to open up sometimes.
To the “strong” ones– Wait till you find that someone from among the 7000 million who will be ready to take down that mine from your heart. For, you are the ones who need more care than the rest.  And those who care for others, will eventually be kissed by God’s benediction!

And as for those who do not fall in the aforesaid type, I’m sure you would have heard yourself say, “He’s very strong!”. But then, is he really???

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